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Shopping for new materials for the kindy

We go through a lot of learning materials at kindy over the term. We are always looking for the best price we can find so that we can preserve our precious funds and ensure that the kids get the best possible educational experience. We have lots of experience in which items you can easily save money on which items are worth a little splurge. We thought it might be good to start a blog to share our shopping tips with our educators and hopefully learn some new tips of shop that we hadn't known about. We can all learn from each other.

An Easy Cure For A Curling Cowhide Rug

Bringing a taste of Australia from outside the home and incorporating it inside can be easily done with the purchase of a cowhide rug. This practical, yet rustic home decor item adds a simple touch in an increasingly modern world. However, if you do not care for your cowhide rug properly, it won't be an item that you are proud to show off to your friends for long. One common issue with cowhide rugs is curling at the corners, but this can easily be solved with a good book and a water spray bottle.

Why Do Cowhide Rugs Curl? 

You will notice the skin at the corners of cowhide is thinner than in the middle of the rug. When this thin area is exposed to heat, for example, the sunlight streaming through your living room windows, the cowhide dries out. As it dries out, the skin contracts and curling occurs.

If you have underfloor heating, this is another heat source that would cause your rug to curl, so make sure it is relocated to a room where heat is not an issue before you fix the curl issue. If you don't move the rug, the curl issue will continue to occur.

How Do You Fix A Curling Cowhide Rug?

The first thing you need to do is locate a good book or two. While this might seem like a good excuse to sit down with your feet up and ignore the task ahead, it is actually an instruction to find thick books that are heavy.

Place a towel underneath the curling cowhide corner, and lightly spray both the top and underneath sides of the rug with plain water. You don't want to overly saturate the rug, but rather dampen it. You should be able to achieve this with 5-6 sprays of the water bottle.

Place another towel on top of the rug, and then put your books on top. Leave the books in place for 24 hours and then put them back on the bookcase. The water rehydrates the cowhide so it is no longer dry, and the books make sure the rug now sits flat again on the floor.

The beauty of this repair is you can reuse this water method whenever you need to tackle curling corners and it is an inexpensive fix. However, if you find this method does not cure your curling corner dilemma, speak to a cowhide rug specialist about further options. It may be that the rug needs professional alternation to prevent the corners from curling again in the future.